‘Manchild’ Pacheco

Saugus, CA


Girl, Lakai, DQM, OJ Wheels, Indy, Figure Films, GX1000
Who do you look up to the most?
Frank Sinatra

Daily routine?
Drink a coffee, call friends to go skate, have a nightcap or 3.

Worst trend?
When your clothes look better than your skating. Style matters I guess.

How many sponsors have you had?
Never been sponsored really. Just had good people looking after me.
Tyler Pacheco, BS Tailslide. Photo: Corey Greengage
What's your current set up?
Girl 93 til board 8.125″, 53mm OJ wheels. Any bearing the skateshop has in the left over bin.

What's a trick that you can't do?
On my good days I can almost manual the squares on the sidewalk. Not quite yet though.

Favorite skater?
Tony Manfre, Louie Barrletta, and Gino Iannucci.

Favorite skater from Santa Clarita?
Brandon Tompson, Sagan Lockheart, Mike Franklin, and Dan Bernardino.

Do you have a favorite party trick?
When you keep it all down and wake up feeling good.

Dream sponsor?
Zulu Nation!

Words to live by?
Try not to take anything too seriously.

If you could change your nickname what would it be?
The Average Joe of Skateboarding™

What's the best thing you have learned from Mike Carroll?
You don't have to say fakie if you're doing a half cab.

How about the worst thing you have learned from Mike Carroll?
How to snapchat.
November 11, 1998

Enumclaw, Washington


Girl, Lakai, Spitfire, Thunder, Volcom, 35th Avenue Skateshop
Who do you look up to the most?
My peers.

What the hell do you do when you live in the middle of nowhere?
Go skate a park, walk the dogs, go on a hike. If it's raining probably go bring a rail to an undercover spot or skate some flat ground. Climb a tree, tear down a shed, rebuild the shed, mow the lawn, walk around with the parrots, chill with my snake, make some dope food, walk around the house until I think of something to do, build a fire, clean some stuff, do some school work, watch skate videos, play guitar, maybe snowboard in the winter, make some coffee, kick it in the hot tub!

How many animals do you have?
Total count 74: 22 chickens, 3 birds, 3 dogs, 2 frogs, 1 snake, 1 lizard, 3 goats, 1 pony, 1 donkey, 1 zonkey, 22 fresh water tropical fish, 13 saltwater tropical fish, 1 eel.
Simon Bannerot, Nosegrind. Photo: Andrew Peters
If you could be any animal what would you be?
Panther chameleon or a vine snake, but being a bird would be sick too!

How old were you when Girl started?
Negative 5 years old.

Worst trend?
No complys with super loose trucks, Pokemongo, body varials, vaping, and girls riding scooters to class.

Current set up?
A Girl 8.25″ G030 shape, Thunder 149s, Spitfire Formula Fours 53mm, some bearings and some hard wear.

What's a trick that you can't do?
Fakie inward heel

Favorite skater?
Marius Syvanen

Favorite skater from the Seattle?
Josh Anderson and Cory Kennedy

Dream sponsor?
Either an international airline company or a coffee brand.

If you could steal one trick from one person on the Girl team what would it be?
either Carroll's feeble grinds on ledges or Rick's fakie big heels

What's the best piece of advice you've received?
“Finish school” —Daniel Wheatley